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This fantastic bit of software changes the light intensity coming from your computer screen, according to the time of day… It’s fully customisable, and should save you from countless headaches!!

I strongly recommend this.

Great because my eyes are burning just reading this.

Oh man this is great my eyes feel more relaxed when this app is on.


I love the gimmickyness of this, I love the eco-friendly aim, I adore how unnecessary this is, and just how adorable the little milk bears are.  That said are we really to the stage in our civilization where we have to invent little cartoon cartons of bear milk to remind us that our refrigerators or neither air conditioners, nor a display case for our most recent Costco splurges? 

(via gadget-review)


Great for parties with enemies or even friends.

I can’t even begin to say how awesome this ice tray is.



Keyboard Skulls : Maurice Mbikayi.

Is this post-modern?