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This is a very inspirational story of a graffiti artist who was diagnosed with lou gehrig’s disease and how friends helped him become able to do his art once again.

For those interested here are instructions on how to make your own EyeWriter

Behold the power of legos and weep tears of joy!

Damn nature you scary!

This is a documentary that shows the bad side of Fox News that most people don’t know about.

You would never imagine how much the internet actually weighs very interesting video warning there is a lot of technical talk but it is still interesting.

Pay what you want and choose where your money goes to charity to the developer or both this is a great idea.

The Humble Voxatron Bundle

Since it is Halloween check out this video the guy tells a story and does illusions while messing with an iPad.

This video shows what Microsoft thinks will be possible in the future.

This is freaking awesome this makes all those dreams about having one since Back To The Future 2 come true.

The University Of Pittsburgh and Johns Hopkins University collaborated together on this project to make a thought controlled prosthetic limb.

Wonderful isn’t it the pace at which technology moves it is awesome I mean come on a flexible phone makes me wonder what is next.

Can’t wait for this I knew they were going to do The Avengers as a movie since they started doing Iron Man that scene after the credits was a huge clue then Captain America just made it official.

Tsk Tsk Bill man you messed up getting smart outspoken people on your show you looked like the fool everyone says you are.