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This rap is sick in a good way I am impressed and addicted to listening to this rap.

I guess these guys wanted Modern Warfare 3 so bad they were crazy enough to hijack a truck.  O.o

Pay what you want and choose where your money goes to charity to the developer or both this is a great idea.

The Humble Voxatron Bundle

This video brings up valid points on what the label of gamer is and how it should be.


Pac-Man the Musical: A Pacapella Song (by RandomEncountersEnt)

I have been anticipating this game since the first trailer but it went under the radar and I almost thought it was canceled but surprise it is still on and it is coming out this December.

An awesome idea by indie developers to helps charities raise funds I will be buying a bundle before the time is up.

From the makers of Demon Souls FROM SOFTWARE comes Dark Souls the spiritual sequel to Demon Souls enjoy this wonderful trailer of a game that I am anticipating greatly.

Dark Souls - All Saints Day Trailer HD (by RPGameStation)


Video Games - by Adrian Garcia Treviño

Tumblr | Flickr | Behance

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For those of you who haven’t yet experienced the treats of Aperture Science, or perhaps you would just like a copy of the classic title on your computer, feel free to follow the above link. Valve’s Portal (for PC and MAC) is Free to Download until the 20th of September.

This is an offer you should not refuse.

There is going to be a sony conference tonight at 12 a.m. which is about 14 minutes away from now eastern time they will do reveals on all of their platforms go to this website to watch this will be in Japanese but you don’t need to know Japanese to watch game trailers. 

Update: Nevermind the link had trouble I changed it to one I am watching 

Haha nice commercial I liked when they knocked the tree over and I love kirby this commercial is officially full of win.

Nintendo DS - Kirby Mass Attack Tree TV Commercial (by NintendoDS)


 Videogame mascots’ eating disorders.

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Jesper Ejsing.

Jesper Ejsing is a freelance illustrator and traditional painter working from Copenhagen, Denmark. Jesper began his professional career coloring comic books, but has since been creating illustrations for Magic The Gathering and covers for the Dungeons and Dragons series. Ejsing is also an accomplished writer, with nine published books to his name.