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Well I for one welcome our future metallic over loads haha joking maybe anyway yeah this robot dubbed the PETMAN can simulate the movements of a soldier but get this it is not going to be made into a weapon instead it will test clothing and gear such as chemical suits that could protect soldiers from things that normal uniforms wouldn’t be able to there is also a video showing off it’s fancy human like moves click the link and check it out.

If this works the implications will be huge cheap and efficiant energy I will be keeping tabs on this all weekend this could change history if it is proven and tested to work.

UPDATE: I was late on this story they did the test yesterday apparently and it was a success history has been made here is a link about the test’s success it is great to be around when something big like this happens oh I forgot here is a link to download the report of the test if your into reading that download it and give it a read. 

This video shows what Microsoft thinks will be possible in the future.

This is freaking awesome this makes all those dreams about having one since Back To The Future 2 come true.

The University Of Pittsburgh and Johns Hopkins University collaborated together on this project to make a thought controlled prosthetic limb.

Looks like laser light is looking to replace LED lights with a recent breakthrough.

Ah science and technology keeps impressing me each passing day this is amazing.


Lytro camera lets people shoot photos first, focus later
The camera is the first that captures the entire light field in a scene, which lets people adjust the focus on photos after they take them.

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Quantum levitation!? floating vehicles! science I love you.

About time I need larger hard drives let us hope the cost of these new drives to go up with the space.

Amazing! that looks like how predator goes invisible or like the heat you  see in a desert there is a video demonstrating it working check it out it is freaky and cool.

This stuff is so slippery that as soon as ice forms on the surface it slips off O_o.

This screams inception if they find a way to sharpen up the images or even interact with a sleeping person this could change a lot of ways information is taken from targets or psychologists interpret dreams to help treat patients.


Awesome & simple printer concept from Artefact called See What You Print (SWYP). Video here.

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Wonderful news if they can upscale this the applications would be great especially for disaster relief and areas with no electricity.