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Watch out it’s got a gun haha I just had to. 



Has Science Found the First “White” Hole?

A white hole is a theoretical beastie that exists as a set of equations that were a by-product of Einstein’s theory of relativity. It is basically a black hole in reverse. If a black hole is an object from which nothing can escape, then a white hole is an object into which nothing can enter—it can only radiate energy and matter. Read The Article


I love space.

Space is awesome.


lol Maybe black holes empty out somewhere and that’s where all the stuff from the white hole comes from.

EDIT: Oh wait. That’s what one of the ideas in the article is. XD lol I like that I thought of it before reading the article though.

Space surprises me every time I love it.

I am loving this idea but solar winds only go one way I am wondering how they will get back.

That is crazy so one day thousands if not millions of years from  now our Sun will be like this a giant diamond floating in space.

This universe keeps surprising me who would have thought it possible a planet sized chunk of diamond.

Hmmm looks like the earth is chasing an asteroid haha lets hope earth never catches it.

Unknown black blobs flare on the sun scientists are not sure what exactly caused it.

Nice short cg animation.

Damn I hear about this now that is no good.

Very interesting discovery found out in space.