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You would never imagine how much the internet actually weighs very interesting video warning there is a lot of technical talk but it is still interesting.

I can’t imagine the work it took to do this that pumpkin is huge and those zombies are carved from it awesome pictures.

Pumpkin Carved By Inhabitat

Really freaking awesome looking stages I had no idea there were stages like this that existed just goes to show you the possibilities.

There are some bad ass costumes that look like they took a good long time to make but man I bet they were proud of their handy work after all that nice.

17 Day time lapse video of 38,000 photos really cool video check it out.

Credit To Film Maker Joe Capra

Machines like this have existed since when!? The 1960s! and we don’t have star trek like replicators yet? 

Breathtaking pictures of frozen bubbles in a lake.