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This is a huge breakthrough this could possibly lead to the elimination of organ donor waiting lists.

Wonderful one year time lapse video of Tokyo the video creator was inspired to do this because of the movie Blade Runner and is also a tribute to Ridley Scott and Vangelis he also has a wonderful website with more photographs and time lapse videos just click on his name down below to go visit it.

Video Created by Samuel Cockedey


I love the gimmickyness of this, I love the eco-friendly aim, I adore how unnecessary this is, and just how adorable the little milk bears are.  That said are we really to the stage in our civilization where we have to invent little cartoon cartons of bear milk to remind us that our refrigerators or neither air conditioners, nor a display case for our most recent Costco splurges? 

(via gadget-review)

A sobering video about the ongoing danger of radiation from Fukushima also here is an  article on what the video is about if you are interested in reading it instead of watching the video or do both.

Fukushima Now Radiating Everyone: ‘Unspeakable’ Reality ‘Will Impact All Of Humanity’ (by )


(source via Dvice)