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This is a huge breakthrough this could possibly lead to the elimination of organ donor waiting lists.

This is a documentary that shows the bad side of Fox News that most people don’t know about.

The CME gives an update and an impression that the CME doesn’t know or care what it wants done.

Oakland Police Department this is not looking good for you they may well have given the fuel for a riot.

If what is on this site is true then Monday is going to be a very interesting day in economic history.

If this works the implications will be huge cheap and efficiant energy I will be keeping tabs on this all weekend this could change history if it is proven and tested to work.

UPDATE: I was late on this story they did the test yesterday apparently and it was a success history has been made here is a link about the test’s success it is great to be around when something big like this happens oh I forgot here is a link to download the report of the test if your into reading that download it and give it a read. 

This is freaking awesome this makes all those dreams about having one since Back To The Future 2 come true.

This is why people are pissed and protesting at Wall Street read and see.

Huge medical breakthrough genetic disease successfully treated in lab rats.

He gets it this man should represent them.

Alan Grayson on Occupy Wall Street (by   )

The Today Show covers Occupy Wall Street making fun of the mainstream media and giving proper respect to the protesters.

Looks like Occupy Wall St. is getting starting to get more attention they got a congressman to respond with a video message.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) I support the #OccupyWallStreet Protesters (by DJKucinich)

As much as I stayed away from mac because it was alien to me he was a pioneer I send my prayers to his family for the loss of a great man.

They tried making him look bad but he turned it around and made them look bad by saying the media made up it’s own news from his comment I admit Ron Paul is quite the talker.

Ron Paul on FOX News 10/04/11 (by Vote4Paul2012)