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This is a documentary that shows the bad side of Fox News that most people don’t know about.


serarahohlala submitted



Way to go everyone, at least we know they won’t run this poll.


(via fleurdelanuit)

They tried making him look bad but he turned it around and made them look bad by saying the media made up it’s own news from his comment I admit Ron Paul is quite the talker.

Ron Paul on FOX News 10/04/11 (by Vote4Paul2012)

This man speaks the truth! he straight up tells the media that they won’t cover this protest because it won’t benefit them.

New York Observer: Exclusive “Occupy Wall Street” Unaired Fox Footage (by mavgirl69)

Wow Ron Paul people and Herman Cain people really so the others who voted in the poll don’t count as their people? Bill O Reilly your a dick!

LiveLeak com O Reilly doesn t like his own Poll (by LilFAtJoey)